Why should you try an aparthotel instead a hotel room?

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Have you ever tried an aparthotel? If the answer is no then you should read forward this article because we introduce 5 reasons why aparthotels are a better choice instead of other accommodation types. If you come to Budapest you should try one because:

  1. Price: yes, this is the biggest advantage of the aparthotels. They are cheaper than a hotel room, so if you stay longer you can save a lot of money for yourself. Luckily there are many cheap aparthotels in Budapest.
  2. Quality: aparthotels give the same quality than a normal hotel room.
  3. Accessibility: these aparthotels are usually located in the city center therefore you can easily and fast reach the best spots of the town.
  4. Kitchen: Aparthotel is more than a normal hotel room because it has its own kitchen with full kitchen facilities. In this way you can make your food there if you want.
  5. Atmosphere: the atmosphere is like at home. It is friendlier than a normal hotel room
    So let’s try one of them if you come to Budapest.
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